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Cordless Mini Vacuum

Cordless Mini Vacuum

Cordless Mini Vacuum

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Portable cordless handheld desk mini vacuum cleaner

It has strong suction and can easily clean dust and paper dust on the table or drawer in this small body. You can also use it to clean small objects. 

Equipped with a detachable pointed dust plug, no longer to worry about not being able to clean the dust and paper dust in the corners of the drawer. 

The ascending wind direction will keep the dust from spreading, A good choice for people who are allergic to dust. Out of the wire limit. It can make clean easier. Strong Suction. The tabletop vacuum cleaner can pick up the crumb, paper scraps, cat hair, fruit seeds, grit on window sills. 

Built-in 1200mAh high capacity lithium-ion batteries which make working time up to 3 hours. The mini size and light weight make it convenient for carrying to clean the keyboard, computer, laptop, office desk, crumbs, scraps, etc.

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